The next release of RDC will inherit a lot of new things. In the next weeks, I will tell some of the new features of the client.


Password store

Some users asked me, if it is possible to store the whole credentials including the password for each session. To do this in a secure way, I have decided to use existing techniques. RDC will use the GNOME Keyring to store the password. To make the entry unique, a combination of server name, user name and domain name is used. To allow a easier reload of the password, the user name and domain name will now be stored in the previous list, too. If you choose a previous session, the new domain/user name field will be filled with this values.

This user name and domain name have to be predefined, because otherwise the corresponding password couldn't be found. The number of stored previous sessions is now configurable. If this value is not set, the last 50 sessions will be stored.

For this feature, RDC is now linked against libgnome-keyring. This library uses D-Bus wherefore KWallet is supported, too.



If more than one session is running at the same time, the previous sessions will now not longer be overwritten by the last ended session.