RDC 0.4.2 is a bug-fix release for license issues.

Packages for some distributions:

Distribution Type Link md5sum sha1sum
Ubuntu 15.10 - Wily Werewolf 32 Bit rdc.deb 7e2e2d9d114e45d6479dcc520e70a402 fbe4a7b5777b5e2e3ac7c54594fc3b62d711d56f
64 Bit rdc.deb 91de6f774236c4c0f5c9733f59bee9ed 666d22c48c8c8f65baf9d5647089993ea8ff390c
Raspberry Pi rdc.deb 7ad6669e38287a7752db2f0687fca96f a62aae2baaef0baca289d9a9440e29439a714ca9
Ubuntu 15.04 - Vivid Vervet 32 Bit rdc.deb a0f9b995a0e3a2627cd7490b25f56e6a 60c5f8bf11848c702dccc7a971986ee386e3363b
64 Bit rdc.deb 1d9575fd556a9bc8adedacf5bb385e89 119a08424db1bc3f352841026eff960c69a5f836
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Trusty Tahr 32 Bit rdc.deb 9968d3585a00adf492ae3b5cfcde8bdb 1c752349c6ef69d7811ef2c0ce003b269a862756
64 Bit rdc.deb 5c449986d1d861a70c9c744a5111faec 3724f6d910bb09e1e545b1a3c1a300fc4b5e2166
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Precise Pangolin 32 Bit rdc.deb b87acd3522d47dd573e3d1f55117835f 561f6a6954ff9f5ee9d9786c0ea15ff8d6d9596d
64 Bit rdc.deb 7dc24a782eaf91771a88bfd184d0230d e16e5e9163fcfc92555e1531f3c00af530bd91c9
Debian 8 - Jessie 32 Bit rdc.deb 63b6872c1d5c1d8f0710237641cfb044 429549ff120c701a825f2c8c4f68ad20d102c42a
64 Bit rdc.deb 839cc694b0b720b339691a7f31835cbe 2779c008f08a51ac480e03cea18c083da42317f3
Raspberry Pi rdc.deb 2fd36f329fff7622bde75daed496dfaa 5157ac336e492b29c7ce40c7e677d439bfd3f2a5
Debian 7 - Wheezy 32 Bit rdc.deb 3f7a16a869980a0cb57cf3295b1076cd de9f0ef8682b25470bef7b886ed968318263c97b
64 Bit rdc.deb 05be7144579564aefd3fd3739774e582 55b48401e65d548ff5c8d05bc56024ec5c97e6cc

Packages for other distributions are coming soon.



  • Error messages during license exchange are now detected and used for error messages


Supported features:

  • Authentication with CredSSP
  • RemoteFX support
  • Window resizing with Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Sound mapping
  • Clipboard mapping


Known issues:

  • Bad sound mapping
  • Problems with saving previos connection settings